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SEPA has a number of concerns over the lack of improvement of Scotland’s poorer quality waters, as well as ensuring the quality of those classed as either good or excellent are maintained. SEPA’s Diffuse Pollution Initiative is focusing on the water environment because of EU Directives concerned with Bathing Waters, Nitrates and, of course, the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

There is a clear and widely recognised need to tackle environmental pollution in a holistic way by looking at the links between the air, water and soils. Search Engine Optimization. This is the science of getting a web page to rank high for a particular Keyword or set of keywords. A best link building services programme of remediation in mining areas throughout Scotland has been drawn up, The MoU is on SEPA’s website. Search Engine Results Pages. These are the pages a search engine returns as the result of a search.

Your site is listed at or near the bottom of the first page or search results vs. the top of the first page of search results. The first site on the first page receives an order of magnitude more clicks than the last site on the first page. The closer your page is to the top the more traffic you’ll get. It will take a week or two, sometimes three to see the resulting changes in the search engine rankings. It’ll take longer to get links built using the new keyword terms.

I don’t know what will happen from here with James’ site(s). Im sure his minions are engaged in a link building procedure blitz that he didnt mention – that alone would account for the nominal ranking increase. Oh, for those of you scratching your head as to who Diego is, James now signs some of his posts as Diego, which is Spanish for James. Based on this data, I suggested to him that he had selected the wrong keywords. I tried several different keywords with WordTracker and found a different mix of phrases that show more predicted searches. .