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Corridor but used more local diversionary routes or that the A36/A46 is not used by strategic long distance traffic and that vehicles maintained their original routes whilst the A36 closure was in force. Corroboration of that data would only be possible through detailed road user surveys. These surveys have been undertaken for the A36 as part of the Bristol/Bath tQuality SEOo South Coast Study and can be used to corroborate that inference. Additional information has been received from a number of local authorities which supplements the volumetric classification of vehicle flows on the network. This data has yet to be received from the operators of the park and ride sites, but will be added as a Technical Note once available.

The information from the train operating companies and local stage carriage operations may also indicate an increase in patronage whilst the A36 was closed. The information collected for the A36 Limpley Stoke closure has been provided to the project team by the Highways Agency and the relevant local authorities.

The information provides a sound platform for analysing the changes in vehicles volumes on a number of routes within the study area by comparing historical information collected prior to the closure to that data collected whilst the closure was in force. For the majority of the analysis, the work has concentrated upon the closure of the A36 north and south of the Limpley Stoke viaduct. This simple conclusion is slightly at odds with other information in particular that for the A46 south of junction 18 received from the Highways Agency and on the A350.

A possible reason for this discrepancy is local Bath traffic taking advantage of the reduced congestion and replacing the strategic traffic on the A36. Elsewhere strategic re-routing to the A34 has not been Google Adwords Services as manifestly evident as could have been supposed. the A350 Chippenham Melksham Road has also observed an increase in traffic indicating that the diversionary route was used by vehicles wishing to access the M4.

The official diversion diverts traffic along the A350 (map enclosed) naturally with an increase in traffic an increase in pollution will result. Although no diversion routes have been signposted along local roads the large increase in Nitrogen Dioxide levels in Bradford On Avon suggests a lot of traffic is using this route rather than the official diversion. It may be that there are delays during the first couple of weeks of the road closure as motorists come to terms with the closure and attempt to find alternative roads to the diversion.

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The Final Reports will also include an Action and Implementation Plan for the study area in time-line format, with appropriate annotation on each action identifying opportunities and constraints to this implementation. Our tender specified a work programme, which took account of the revised survey window in September. That programme was indicative and we are now able to confirm specific aspects of the study through more consideration of our activities as shown on Figure 3.1, with task breakdowns, including the additional work associated with Limpley Stoke closure. This revised programme is compressed in some areas, expensive in others.

Although it was in the brief, we tendered on the basis that the A37 was peripheral and indeed the brief did not make significant reference to the issue of HGV’s to and from Poole or more local issues on the A350 south of Warminster. Subsequent to the Inception Meeting we now recognise that these are issues which Dorset County Council and GOSW need to see addressed and this variation to our tender has been incorporated within this Commissioning Report.

As such, the area of influence for this work is widened to the west and Figure 3.2 details the extent of the area of influence. This geographical delineation is confined to the Bristol Bath region through to the South Coast Ports of Southampton and Poole sub regional areas. However, we do recognise that rail freight movements, in particular, are driven by much wider macro economic issues beyond this sub regional area. As a consequence, for the project team to report on opportunities for modal shift from road to rail, Copy Writing Services without recognition of the freight cost issues, then the study’s deliverables would be flawed.

The implication is that for some rail road movements the actual study area is far wider, and we will take due account of this when reporting on the potential for road rail modal transfer, especially in terms of freight. The Data Review and Data Requirements Report is a key early component of this study. It will provide a concise encapsulation of all the information that currently exists and is pertinent to this study and that data which has been subsequently. collected as a consequence of the project team’s concerns in relation to data quality, data deficiencies or the need to collect new information for this study’s objectives. The data will be presented in the report through tabulations, figures and a summary appraisal of the early information such as early indications of origins and destinations of HGV traffic.